Reflections April 12, 2017

I Remember the Wall

Charles Meadows, A.K.A. Charlie Jeter (1896-1980)

From my vantage point the Wall began at the intersection of Greenmount and North Avenue and continued almost all the way to Harford Avenue.  As a child of approximately six years of age, riding carefree, and innocently in the back of my father’s car, it was my North Star that pointed to my great, grandfather’s house on Broadway street.  When I saw the the Wall, I knew where we were headed.  That is why my curious mind was activated when we started taking a different route.  Why had we not visited grandpa Charlie in so many days or weeks?  As it turns out, my grandfather had passed over to the other side.

It took me some time to process that information so I asked the same question a few times to my father’s consternation.  Now all I have are my kaleidoscopic memories, few in number but pleasant to the senses.  They feature corner stores, my grandfather’s prosthetic leg, which he entertained me with; the room behind the sliding door, accessible off the corridor of the main entrance; the card games, cigars, the raucous company he kept as he entertained, and the Wall that led me to him.

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