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Reflections April 12, 2017

I Remember the Wall

From my vantage point the Wall began at the intersection of Greenmount and North Avenue and continued almost all the way to Harford Avenue.  As a child of approximately six years of age, riding carefree, and innocently in the back of my father’s car, it was my North Star that pointed to my great, grandfather’s house on Broadway street.  When I saw the the Wall, I…

Reflections April 10, 2017

The Great Conciliator

The Great Conciliator is a title normally associated with the likes of Booker T. Washington because of his uncanny ability to adapt to radically different contexts and work within the existing frameworks to accomplish strategic goals where so many others fail.  My father was blessed with the same gift of camouflage and influence and never was this talent more on display than when acting as…